About Us


Our Approach

To the media world is we give our supporters the control to capture who and what they think is interesting in their everyday life.We call our supporters The Public Paps short for the Public Paparazzi.We get the scoop from behind and in front the scenes.We started our platform on Facebook and Instagram and in weeks we grew at a fast pace. People from around the world dm or email us videos of the most interesting some times crazy things and we love it.The difference that separates our website from most blog or media platforms we give our supporters voices to debate their Point of Views without getting (BLOCKED BY CELEBRITIES OR CALLED NAMES because of their opinions or point of views on brands and more...)

My Story

Hi my name is Mickey, still thinking of a blogger name but I started The Public POV honestly wanting a voice in the media world and I wanted to give a voice to people who had similar thoughts like mine, So i did my research and studies and began.I believe it's  40% truth in comments and often times people confuse Trolling. Hating and POV's 1 you can learn and build from the other two has everything to do with the energy from the celeb, artist or the person sending the message.

The Public POV grows daily and we respect and love other media platforms like The Shaderoom,Baller alert,TMZ,even bloggers like Dj Akademics and Karceno4life inspires me to grow as a Person a Business and a journalist.